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Questions About Engine Bearings? Ask Dr. Dmitri!

dr dmitriEven if you’re not an expert on engine bearings, you can get answers to your trickiest questions, just by asking our expert, Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich. “Dr. Dmitri,” who holds a Ph.D. in materials engineering, is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on engine bearing R&D.

As the research and development manager at King Engine Bearings, Dr. Dmitri is known as the “Engine Bearing Doctor” for his extensive work on the cause and prevention of premature engine bearing failure. He has delved deeply into new engine bearing materials and advanced technologies for producing them commercially; theoretical simulation of engine bearing operation; and the analysis and prevention of engine bearing failure.

You may have met Dr. Dmitri at his informative seminar at the last PRI show. If you missed the show or the seminar, you can view it now by clicking here.

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