Bull’s Eye Tolerance

Bull’s Eye Tolerance Improves Consistency

bullseye“Bull’s Eye Tolerance” is how we refer to King’s ultra-tight control of wall thickness tolerance.

Inconsistent shell-to-shell bearing wall thickness can have a negative impact on clearances between the bearing and the journal on main and connecting rod bearings. Engine builders typically find themselves having to compensate for these inconsistencies.

But King has removed the inconsistency factor by using advanced quality control procedures. Utilizing these statistical control methods, we are able to maintain rod and main bearing wall thickness tolerances at an amazingly tight 0.00010″. This is far tighter than other manufacturers, who produce bearings with a wall thickness at the crown that can vary by up to 0.00025″.

bullseye graphicThere are many benefits to “Bull’s Eye” control of wall thickness tolerance:

  • Improved consistency of bearing-to-journal clearance, so you never have to worry about King bearings having the right fit within a set.
  • Superior eccentricity and crush relief values for a better oil “wedge” and less journal wear.
  • Decreased taper across the bearing face, yielding superior wall stability, a more parallel wall and better oil film development.
  • No need to grind cranks “fat” or “thin” to compensate for bearing wall variations.