MaxFlange® / ProFlange®

MaxFlange® and ProFlange® Solve Crankshaft Endplay Problems

All bearing companies address crankshaft journal wear by supplying oversized bearings. However, with the development of MaxFlange and ProFlange, King Engine Bearings has gone two steps further.

maxflangeMaxFlange® is a process used on all King engine bearings, which reduces endplay by supplying the flange on the high side of the tolerance to compensate for crankshaft thrust surface wear. This lets racers and street engine rebuilders save engines with borderline crankshaft endplay situations without additional machining.  Precisely-controlled bearing flange length is the secret.

proflangeProFlange® is a line of bearing sets supplied with oversized flanges, allowing the thrust surface to be ground to 0.010″, 0.020″, or 0.030″ undersize.

maxflange graphicExtra Insurance Against Engine Bearing Failures

As crankshaft thrust surfaces and main bearing flanges begin to wear, the crankshaft can move longitudinally or “walk,” causing flexing and misdirection of force. Marginal wear creates difficult decisions – live with it or fix it? Once the wear becomes extreme, the only choices have been to either weld up the thrust collars and machine them back to original specs, or to scrap the crank and install a new one.

King Engine Bearings has pioneered and developed solutions to this excess endplay. All King flanges (other than standard) are produced to O.E. maximum length, with a production tolerance of ± 0.001″. This MaxFlange feature is exclusive to King, minimizing or eliminating the need to weld a marginally worn crank thrust in borderline situations.

Our unique ProFlange bearing sets offer flange oversizes of .0010″, 0.020″ and 0.030″, mix and match with journal U/S of 0.010″, 0.020″ and 0.030″. ProFlange main sets allow the engine builder to select the exact combination of flange oversize and journal undersize needed for a specific engine. This enables the engine builder to use the existing crankshaft without welding or replacing it, which saves both time and money.