our factory

From raw materials to finished engine bearings under one roof

As an OE supplier for the aerospace industry, our entire approach to quality is based on the strategy of zero mistakes. The same principle applies to our automotive bearings. Producing a quality product is our primary objective.

In order to achieve this, we control our products entire supply chain from within our factory. Our production process starts with basic raw materials and ends with packaging and delivery of the final product. This ensures total quality and logistic fluency throughout the entire process.

process steps

Raw materials enter and are melded to liquid alloy Alloy is cast into strips via rolling and bonding Strips are cut, formed and finished into bearings Bearings are plated Bearings are packed and stored in automated warehouse

You reap the advantages

Our production technologies are designed to enable quick setups, with minimized tooling costs. We can efficiently produce small series, or non-ordinary tooling. This translates to:

  • Cost effective tooling manufacturing
  • Minimal setup costs for pre-launch production
  • Optimal speed, versatility and adaptability to your requirements

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